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Women's Workers & Business Offerings~ The Perinatal Collaboration

Updated: Sep 3

An Online & Digital Offerings Directory Curated by The Perinatal Collaboration

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Welcome to the Perinatal Collaboration, a space filled with unique and heartfelt online offerings by wise and dedicated women's workers

This thread is specific to Women's Workers offerings ~ Both for personal support, business development and educational resources

Do you have an amazing digital product or online offering specific to women in their perinatal journey, or for the women that support others during this phase of life, including women's workers and birthworkers?

It is FREE to have your offering added to our directory, which is visible both through our blog, on instagram @theperinatalcollaboration and other social media platforms! Join us in curating this one-stop-shop for women seeking online offerings! DM on Instagram or Email to discuss adding your content to The Perinatal Collaboration

Some links in this post may offer affiliate compensation (at no additional charge to you!) ~ By using the links in this blog, you help support and uplift women and womens workers


Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body

womens worker holding training pelvis over client to display

The Holistic Treatment of the Postpartum Body is a step-by-step online course that teaches you how to successfully treat common and not-so-common postpartum issues.

Whether you are new to pelvic health or a seasoned physical therapist, this course will transform the way you assess and treat postpartum clients – so you can help them overcome pain, discomfort, and dysfunctions after childbirth.

If you want to learn a holistic treatment approach to gain immediate relief and get your clients back to pain-free living, then YES, this course is for YOU!

If you are self-motivated and enjoy learning online, then YES, this online course is for YOU!

Our students come from every background, from physical therapists to occupational therapists, chiropractors to midwives. You’ll walk away with a brand new holistic approach to treating clients and a new set of treatment skills, whether you’re new to pelvic health OR a seasoned therapist.



Peristeam Facilitator Certification

hands held over a womans womb

The Peristeam Facilitator certification is designed for a person who facilitates vaginal steam sessions for clients in a spa or office location, offers mobile service steam sessions, pamper parties or women’s gatherings.

This is a first level certification (with more advanced certifications to follow) designed to ensure that the practitioner knows how to screen for contraindications and sensitivities in order to choose a safe vaginal steam setup and select or make the right herb blend for each client’s needs.

Three of the modules in the first level certificate are FREE to access, to start your peristeam facilitator journey!



Skillshare - For Creatives

arts and crafts table behind offer wording

Whether it's a first brush on canvas or the last frame in an animation, Skillshare is here to support you on every step of your creative journey. Skillshare classes are taught by exceptional leaders excited to share their tools, techniques, and professional journeys with you. Browse from thousands of courses on this platform to enhance your creativity and expertise in varying areas of creative expression!



Pause Breathwork Facilitator Training

close up shot of the water and sunset

This is a 6-month course that provides expert-level education on how to professionally facilitate breathwork. There is pre-work, online live lectures, homework assignments, the immersion, a Trauma Track and a post mastery training period that includes a practicum. The course is facilitated by fellow authentic women. Breathwork is an amazing tool for personal healing, and to share with our clients!



MAschool Womb Continuum Practitioner Training

a weoman holds her chest and womb while standing in front of the water

Carly Rae @carlyraebeaudry on IG is a Womb Continuum Practitioner and a ceremonial bodyworker since 2005, specializing in hands on hands in pelvic work. Now half of Carly’s life has been devoted to learning hands on hands in healing arts. With training in Rolfing Structural Integration, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic Sex Education, Visceral Therapy, Full Spectrum Birthwork and numerous continuing education courses in scar tissue work, trauma informed somatic therapy, organ + pelvic specific therapy, Carly has weaved her 18 years of education and experienced into her unique expression of this work.

Carly is a guide into the depths of the female terrain, anatomy, and physiology. She walks with women womb to tomb, exploring the layers of their flesh, feminine nature, and primal bodies. Walking with women back home to their bodies truth.



Nectar Vulva & Vagina Mapping ~ Flesh & Blood Programme

Carly is a guide into the depths of the female terrain, anatomy, and physiology. She walks with women womb to tomb, exploring the layers of their flesh, feminine nature, and primal bodies. Walking with women back home to their bodies truth.

She is the creator of FLESH + BLOOD a community devoted to women understanding their female body, having true body literacy, embodying their cyclical nature and being in reciprocity with their blood. NECTAR a vulva and vagina mapping practice where she has taught thousands of women their true vulva and vaginal anatomy.

All of Carly’s work is devoted to the innate intelligence within every cell of our body and to the remembrance of the feminine in ourselves

Nectar is an opportunity to experience yourself, your tissue, the nectar that lives within you in a totally different way, and develop true body literacy.

Mapping your body learn how to release stuck/dehydrated tissue, release your pelvic diaphragm and open up to your fluidity.




The Integrative Women's Health Institute Online Courses

IWHI @integrativewomenshealth on IG has been improving the quality of healthcare available to all by providing practitioners with accessible, innovative, research-driven, continuing education programs focused specifically on women’s and pelvic health since 2009.

Our driving principle at IWHI is to educate our women’s health and wellness professionals everywhere about the complexities and intricacies associated with an integrative systems model of healing support that considers health from a multi-systems approach: from pelvic, reproductive and urinary health to hormonal, digestive, neurologic and cardiometabolic health to deep support for the detoxification and nourishment systems, and in turn, empower our students and graduates to be the best health coaches and practitioners that they can be with a mastery of our trademark integrative approach.

What sets us apart from traditional health education is that we aim to support our students and graduates with an empowered healing model that is based in coaching communication skills. Our goal is to help practitioners themselves to actually live more healthfully and happily on all levels (and not be burned out by their work!) Healthier and happier health coaches and practitioners are better able to support their clients to achieve more optimal health – mind, body, and spirit.



Perinatal Mood & Anxiety Disorders Workshop For Perinatal Care Professionals

a baby holding a finger behind text

Hosted by Kate Borsato (RCC, PMH-C) + Melissa Medjuck (RSW, Doula) ON-DEMAND ONLINE WORKSHOP We are offering a FREE virtual presentation for perinatal care providers to learn more about early detection and intervention for perinatal moods and anxiety disorders. This is a recording of a live presentation. Why are we offering this? Perinatal care providers like Doulas, Doctors, Midwives, Lactations Consultants, Naturopaths, and Sleep Specialists (among many others!) are often the first line of support for parents. You see things first! During these early encounters with folks during pregnancy and early postpartum, symptoms of PMADs often arise, but providers aren’t always confident that they know what to look for, or what to do to help. We want to help you to build confidence that when a parent is struggling, you know exactly what to look for and what next steps to take. Who is this for? This presentation is for any provider in the perinatal field or who supports parents with young kids, who is interested in improving their understanding of perinatal mental health. You’ll learn how to notice when there might be a mental health concern, but more importantly what YOU can do to support that parent right away.


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