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Birth Like A Cat

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

This is exactly how I explain physiological birth to clients. How does a cat birth? She seeks solitude, safety, familiarity, quiet, darkness, calmness. A cat will literally put a pause on her birth if any of these preferences are interrupted. If you can agree at all that at our core we are just wild mammals the same as the cat, than you can agree that we should seek out, and arrange, to have the same birth ambience.

I offer doula clients a printable/ downloadable worksheet exercise exploring their ideal births, this the best way to work through your preferences and imagine the most positive birth experience. It is then a great tool to bring forwards and reference when creating a grounded and realistic birth plan.

Unfortunately, so many women struggle with creating a tailored birth plan, let alone imagining their ideal birth. Whether its a matter of not feeling worthy enough to be specific and straightforward, feeling like you are asking to much of your chosen healthcare providers, or not even knowing where to start and what your options are, of which there are many.

Que a doula! I feel so passionately that women deserve to come into their own power and feel validated in their decisions. That birth should be beautiful, personal, positive, and mother led. If getting to an emotional and spiritual place, similar to the cat, sounds like something you want for your birth, reach out to me for more support!


Sondra Reher

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