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Sovereignty In the System


"Communicating with medical professionals so you are actually heard"

Avoid obstetric trauma - Have an empowered birth experience

View the full video course and find your FREE Course PDF's below

Step into your autonomy and sovereignty,
You aren't another statistic

 Find your inner voice, self assurance and intuitive confidence through offering this FREE education!

You are so much more than your patient identification or another tick in a running list of traumatic statistics

Get your FREE PDF's  including...

"My Birth Preferences"

"My Patient Rights"

"Patient Care Plan Example"

& The All Important

"Patient Care Plan Editable Template"

Get 1:1 Guidance Completing
Your Patient Care Plan

Have you completed my FREE "Birth Sovereignty In The System" Prenatal Course and would benefit

from more support and guidance in completing your INDIVIDUAL CARE PLAN?

I am so happy to offer a 1:1 virtual counselling to 

1) Assist you in identifying all applicable information to input into your Care Plan

2) Ensure you have an understanding of your Rights specific to your location

3) Provide the first Registered Signature on your Care Plan document

This is accomplished through private 1:1 communication via a Personal Health Information Privacy Compliant App

We will continue virtual communication & support until you are fully confident in your

Individual Care Plan and I feel confident adding my Registered Signature to the document!

My hearts work is serving women and families, JUST LIKE YOU

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